8 Reasons to Visit Cuba

Since conciliatory relations with the US were restored in 2015, Cuba has quickly developed in notoriety as a movement goal. Furthermore, as the biggest Island in the Caribbean, it positively isn’t lacking in attractions. While there are a lot of reasons to visit Cuba, we’ve limited it down to 8 of the best.

  •  It seems industrialism has never touched its surreal beauty.  Because of many years of political seclusion, Cuba has remained generally new to everyone. It’s pioneer urban areas and white sand sea shores are yet to be invaded with travelers. Also, the island is as yet untainted by chain partnerships, for example, McDonalds and Starbucks.
  •  The architecture in Cuba is very colorful and vibrant. It makes you feel excited and ecstatic – this city is very instagramable indeed! With impacts going from French neoclassical and Art Deco to Spanish Moorish and pioneer rococo, Cuba’s engineering never ceased to be charming. Regardless of whether it’s in UNESCO-recorded Old Havana or along the cobbled roads of Trinidad, you will snap in excess of a couple photographs of these brilliantly shaded exteriors.
  • Cuba is almost like a museum. Actually, you don’t need to go to a real museum. Instead, go for a stroll through the avenues of Havana and it resembles venturing back in time. In 1960, previous political pioneer Fidel Castro set up a ban to boycott every American import. Thus, Cuba is a mixed blend of merchandise that has endured the previous six decades.
  •  You can stay with the locals instead of paying  a higher rate in hotels. While there are a lot of inns in Cuba, nothing beats remaining in a Casa Particular. It also means ‘private home’, Casas Particulars are basically Cuban homestays as you pay to lease a room in a neighborhood’s home or loft.
  •   The beaches in Cuba are beautiful. Think about long stretches of white sand beach and blue waters – it is all here! As you would expect of a Caribbean Island, Cuba is home to a lot of sea shores. An aggregate of 300 to be precise. Each offering all around flawless stretches of fine, white sand lapped by turquoise blue waters.
  • You will love Cuba’s subtropical weather. It seems like every day is summer here, which means there is going to be a lot of beach time when you visit this beautiful country. This makes Cuba a great destination not just for families but also for friends.
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