Why Paris is at the top of Every Vacationer’s Dream List

There is no way a list of the most expensive cities in the world can be made without Paris taking one of the top spots. The city is famous for its luxury and high-end goods, five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants and so on. Due to this, you probably feel it’s impossible to vacation here on a budget, or you feel you’d end up having a miserable experience during the vacation.

Fortunately, that’s not entirely true. You don’t have to break the bank because of a vacation in Paris. It’s very possible to get a decent accommodation, eat good food, and enjoy free and discounted attractions. We’ll be giving out ideas on how to best achieve this, so you can do all that you want on a budget with the thoughts that you are living the dream in one of the most expensive and beautiful cities in the world.

Tip 1: It’s not impossible to get a cheap train or flight to Paris

In recent years, airfares and train tickets have gotten quite expensive. But don’t lose hope, you can find some amazing traveling deals if you try to book a ticket more than a few months before your trip. If you are traveling from overseas, it is advisable to start making travel plans 6-8 months ahead, if you really want to find a fair fare.

Tip 2: Sightsee Using Public Transportation, Buy a Pass

The transport system in Paris is excellent, and the ticket prices are quite cheap. Hop-on, hop-off bus tours can also be easily accessed for touring around the city and to get to your destinations. But since you are planning to go on a vacation here on a budget, using public transport is a great alternative. We recommend you use the Paris public bus system.

Tip 3: Affordable and Free Things to Do

Irrespective of the luxurious lifestyle in Paris, the city still prides itself on being open to all and sundry. There are several free museums, attractions and annual events and festivals they have in store for tourists who are on a budget. In addition, most of the city’s amazing sites and monuments like the banks of the Seine, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. can be visited for free.

We needed to find affordable things to do, as this was a once in a lifetime vacation for us.  We traveled with some co-owners of our business to celebrate the five year anniversary of our big break from corporate America to running a cheap towing service in Chandler, Arizona.  Although we are on our own and business is good, we were on a shoe string budget and found a way to have a blast!

Tip 4: Eat Good Food in Affordable Places, Without Sacrificing Quality

This city is known for the several high-class restaurants, but there are inexpensive places with excellent food as well. All you have to do is – find the perfect place to go. Several cafés and brasseries offer cheap food, coffee, drinks and even Wi-Fi.

Tip 5: Open Your Mind to Different Accommodation Options

There are hundreds of hotels in Paris, and many of them are just as comfortable as the other luxurious counterparts, taking away the glamour of course. Renting apartments in Paris is now a popular option for most visitors who are hoping to save more money because it may come with a kitchen and you won’t have to spend more on eating out.


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