Planning Your Trip To California

The list of beautiful attractions here is endless as some travelers spend about two weeks there and still have so many boxes on the things to see and do unchecked.

Some of our vacation tips can save you so much time, grief and money (if you follow them) before going to the Golden State.


California is a really big state—about 800 miles from north to south, which makes it larger than some countries in Europe. Seeing everything in California takes so much travel time, which you have to consider if you intend to see the whole state.  If you have a list of what you intend to see and/or do, factor in the distance between the locations and plan for some driving time as well.

Public Transportation Is a No-No

As feasible as traveling by train in California is, and how effective and comprehensive the Dan Francisco Bay area is structured, California as a whole still doesn’t have the public transport structure to make traveling super-expedient. There are way too many vacation attractions which are too dispersed to depend on bus or train travel. If you’ll be arriving in California by any other means aside driving, you should rent a car when you arrive, this will save you so much stress and trouble.

Go During the Off-Season

One of the advantages of vacationing in California is that the weather there is pleasant all year round. So, you can visit your most-preferred destinations like Alcatraz or Disneyland during the spring or fall when the crowds are lighter, and you’ll still enjoy yourself. Make research on destinations that are open during weekdays and see if you go on your vacation sometime other than the holidays.

Plan for Sun

You’ve probably heard people say “it never rains in sunny California”, well it’s true, and the gentle weather has its way of catching everyone by surprise. So, take your sunscreen everywhere you go, you should also bring a sunhat to keep the rays away from your face. Your skin will say a big thank you if you spend long periods of time outside.


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