The Best Hotels in Greece

Are you planning for a wonderful vacation in Greece?  Well, you’ve just found the right place because in this blog we have listed the best hotels in Greece that you can stay. Let’s get the ball rolling and have a virtual tour to these wonderful hotels.


Located on the edge of Oia in Greece, Perivolas  has one of the most unique hotels owing to its spectacular architecture.  It has lovely minimalist suites that are artistically carved from the cliffs. What makes us love this hotel is the spectacular sea views it offers and the rounded corridors leading to its neatly arranged white rooms. If you want to get a feel of a real Greece vacation, this is hotel is perfect for you.

Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens

You may have heard of the Four Seasons hotel in almost every country and the good news is Greece also has Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel in Athens. Yes, this hotel is iincredibly popular owing to its spectacular accomodation and sublime views. It has great services that many tourists crave for. The Four Seasons Astir Palace is a revival of a modernist landmark in Greece and is the only hotel that can you an authentic Greek experience.

Kókkini Porta Rossa

 Kokkini Porta Rossa is originally a 14-century knight’s abode and the most fascinating place to stay in Rhodes.  The hotel hosts are very knowledgeable about the Greek culture and you can learn a lot about Greece from them.

Just listening to their stories and experience will keep you entertained as you relaxed in the wonderful setting. The rooms of Kokkini Porta Rossa are quite cozy and what will surprise you is that they are named after a member of the family that lived there such as Orhan, Irini, and Deniz.

The Merchant’s House

Located at the seaside, The Merchant’s House is one of the most popular hotels in Greece that offer a quiet spot on Corfu. Anyone who likes the feel of being in a historical village with a tranquil and peaceful environment will love this place.

This hotel is a restoration of a 17th century building. It used to be a tradesman’s bar and the six different units used to be workshop rooms. After the restorations the rooms have become cozier and more comfortable. The proprietors of the hotel have paid a lot of attention to its details making tourists love it more.

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