Tips When Traveling to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful resort city located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.  A lot of tourists come here for its pristine beaches, exciting water activities and exciting nightlife. However, just like another trip out of town it is important that you observe some safety tips for a memorable vacation.

Be cautious

Cabo San Lucas is not 100% immune to crimes and since most of the incidents here are drug related, it always pays to be extra cautious. It doesn’t mean that Cabo San Lucas is not safe for tourists. You can just ask the concierge which areas you need to avoid.

Make sure you know how to swim

Beaches are quite the highlights of Cabo San Lucas. However, you should not forget the ocean is not without risk and the currents in this country are strong. So make sure you know how to swim. You can head down to the Medano Beach for activities like kayaking and snorkelling or Lover’s Beach and El Arco to sightsee beautiful cliffs.

Party with caution

Cabo San Lucas is known for its wild nightlife. Everyone can party until dawn and you can join the fun for sure. Nevertheless, for your own safety you should drink moderately and make sure you are less susceptible to injury and crimes. Avoid going out with strangers and riding in cars with people you don’t know especially if you are a woman. Make sure you plan in advance how to return to your hotel and keep your friends informed about your whereabouts.

Try some seafood

You can find some of the finest restaurants in Cabo San Lucas that offer a wide array of seafood. If you truly want to enjoy this place, try some of the authentic Mexican cuisines such as the Ahi Tuna at La Panga Antiqua or the Pork Trotter Ravioli at the Flora Farms Field Kitchen.

Mark your bags

 It might seem a small thing to you but placing a recognizable mark in your bag can help you leave the airport after arrival quickly with the right bag. Considering the number of tourists flying in and out of Cabo San Lucas many travellers have experienced mixing up bags with other people, which consequently led to spoiled vacation.  You can simply use a colored ribbon or any tag that can help you to easily identify your bag. Lastly, don’t forget to bring enough cash. While most restaurants and hotels in the city accept credit cards, it is always safer to bring some cash to pay for taxis and vendors from the market.


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